Our family tradition goes back to 1980 with the marketing of the Manzanilla Cacereña as a table olive due to its unparalleled properties for this purpose.

The passing of the years and growing sales led us to build Plasoliva in the municipality of Eljas, in the Sierra de Gata mountains. Today it is our flagship for the packaging and marketing of table olives for our customers around the world.


Having the best product is not all that matters. The skills and professionalism of our staff are essential. We know that people are our most valuable asset.

At Plasoliva we believe that the best way to achieve success with our clients is our commitment to our employees and suppliers: ongoing training; fostering innovation; the search for greater efficiency; encouraging professional development; the creation of stable, quality employment; and employee participation in, and identification with, company objectives. These are our best assets. We are proud to contribute to the development of Extremadura’s entrepreneurial and productive fabric.


To select, process and package Cacereña olives of the highest quality and sell them in Spain and abroad.

To be a landmark company in the Cacereña table olive market (at national and international level) for the quality of our products, our commitment to our suppliers, the loyalty of our customers and the balance between our production and sales.

Quality: we love a job well done and this translates into a search for maximum quality in all areas: in our processes and in our internal and external relations. We love what we do and it is obvious.

Commitment: we do our work with the greatest responsibility towards, and respect for, our employees, suppliers, customers, institutions and, especially, the environment.

Transparency: this stems from the professionalism with which we conduct ourselves in all of our productive processes and in all of our commercial transactions. This transparency is also confidence. The confidence we have in ourselves and what we do and the confidence which others have in us. Our doors are always open for people to see what we do and how we do it.

Innovation: we achieve excellence by working to incorporate the latest technology and resources, both tangible and intangible, in every sphere of our activities.

Tradition: as heirs to an almost ancestral activity, we make every effort to preserve the best of the olive tradition but without turning our back on technology. Our land, our environment and our history are part of our heritage and we are proud of them.