Plasoliva is the official sponsor of AD Ciudad De Plasencia CF.

Plasoliva becomes the official sponsor of AD Ciudad de Plasencia CF.

Before the end of 2020, Plasoliva joined the list of sponsors who encourage and help the local football team. The AD Ciudad de Plasencia CF, which gives so many afternoons of joy to the people of Plasencia, will wear the official training kit also signed by this olive company.

A beautifully designed kit that oozes all-round pleasantness. It couldn’t be more pleasant. Find it at Kromex for a very reasonable price! 25 euros and it’s yours!!!!

AD Ciudad de Plasencia CF.


At Plasoliva we frequently collaborate in recreational, cultural, traditional and sporting activities and those that in general promote healthy interrelationships between our people.

It is about the dynamisation of the social and collective spirit, as the olive harvest has always traditionally been, from the hands of hundreds of people who have worked and continue to work their olive groves with love and self-sacrifice. All this makes for a healthy, cohesive, close and strong society: with ‘values‘ such as those that Plasoliva defends as its own.