We improve our energy efficiency with solar energy

Plasoliva makes an important investment in renewable and sustainable energy, adding photovoltaic plates to its installations.

Photovoltaic energy is the cleanest energy that exists today and also one of the most economical. That is why we wanted to make this project real, which can be put few excuses when it comes to investment, improvement of competitiveness and revaluation of facilities.

With this new installation we help to reduce the footprint of annual CO2 emissions into our planet’s atmosphere, while at the same time it proves to be an efficient cost-saving system. We also reinforce the idiosyncrasy that Plasoliva has always set for working with products from the earth, from our territory, maintaining the chain of values and the commitment to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment every day.

Energy from the sun is an inexhaustible and ecological source. The rates of transformation into electricity have improved significantly. Manufacturing costs have made this self-supplying alternative more affordable, while the useful life and amortization have increased over the years in research and development.

All these technical aspects added to being located in an excellent environment and meteorology where the hours of sunshine per year are ideal for this type of electrical supply installations, has motivated us from the beginning to make this project a reality of which we are proud.

With an area equivalent to a football field, the more than 18,000 photovoltaic cells that have the sum of panels installed, generate to our facilities the not inconsiderable figure of 200KWh of energy. An electric torrent with which we can supply energy and heat to 100% of the machinery in our facilities on a daily basis, even during the periods of greatest activity.