Quality, Social, Environmental and Food Safety Policy

This policy reflects PLASOLIVA, S.L.’s commitment to ensuring the quality of the products we manufacture, as well as the need for it to be understood and communicated within and outside the organisation.

Our company is dedicated to the Elaboration and Commercialization of the Olive of Table and is committed to respond to the necessities and expectations of the client by means of the fulfillment of his requirements, legal and others, to the continuous improvement of the processes and to the food security of our product by means of the following principles:

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It is the policy of PLASOLIVA, S.L.: To supply products with a Quality that satisfies the needs and expectations of the clients, oriented in turn towards the protection of the Environment, and the Reduction of Pollution.
  • MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP. The Management assumes this Policy as its own, this being the reference framework for the establishment and periodic review of the OBJECTIVES and goals established, knowing the significance of our environmental aspects for the establishment of them.
  • SOCIAL POLICY. PLASOLIVA takes into account the rights of workers in terms such as: the right to information and consultation, the right to negotiation and strike, the right to fair and equitable working conditions with no wage differences between men and women, making it possible to reconcile family life and professional life and ensuring the protection of the health of all its members.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION. The Management guarantees respect and environmental protection as well as compliance with legal requirements and others that the company subscribes in environmental matters, quality and food safety that affect the development of our activity.
  • OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSES AND RESOURCES to achieve Quality services, with the best possible guarantees.
  • PARTICIPATION AND MOTIVATION OF PERSONNEL. We have highly motivated staff, sensitive and aware of the importance of their work, to achieve the objectives of Quality, Environment and Food Safety.
  • DECISION MAKING BASED ON DATA AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. We analyze the data in our Management System for decision making basically taking into account: Customer Complaints, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, Nonconformities, Corrective and Preventive Actions.
  • COLLABORATION AGREEMENTS/MUTUALLY BENEFICIARY RELATIONSHIPS with Suppliers, Customers and other interested parties.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, monitoring, measuring and analysing processes, environmental aspects and food traceability.
  • TO COMPLY WITH THE OBLIGATION TO MANUFACTURE SAFE, AUTHENTIC AND LEGAL FOODS according to the specified quality, as well as to assume its responsibility before its clients.

Our organization’s commitment to Quality, environmental protection and pollution reduction, the safety of our products, as well as compliance with social actions, does not end with obtaining a certificate in ISO standards or other standards, but maintains a permanent challenge with continuous improvement.


Company management:

Carmelo Torres Muñoz


Below you can see our certificates of implementation, transformation, processing and packaging of our processing plant and packaging of our raw material.

We comply with the production, handling and transformation permits required by state and community regulations.


We also have quality certificates, national and international implementation that guarantees a sale according to the standards of quality and processing of them.